SeL » hello long time! rule the world? you? riiiight..
mcafar » SADDUP.
Jes » HAH u look like minah
mcafar » tell me abt it. ahaha
sasa » man!!! man!! wat a complicated diagram!!
mcafar » soon soon!
SeL » Its June already
bellee » ahah i forgive u! lets come out again soon! double-date sounds good too.
mcafar » =)
Box » shall we go out soon?
mcafar-vina » rong rong!! will call u soon k. heh.
mcafar-jesperperie » thanks ar marium. after all that lucky plaza sprees and allowing u to bring back ur blangah lovers. tsk. ahaha
vina » ooh... then wish you good luck for your exams ya!!! do well ah, if not i'm not gonna meet you! whahaha
Jes » orh like tat ah. next time i serve you coffee, i'm putting laxatives.
mcafar-jesperperie » i blame it on the exams~ ahaha. madam has to study to earn a living to support your shopping trips at lucky plaza la!
Jes » becuz madam neglects her beloved maid LOR! HOR?
Jes » becuz madam neglects her beloved maid LOR! HOR?
mcafar-jesperperie » but...but...marium! how can u doubt ur madam. ahahaha.
mcafar-vinavina » woman!! my exams end on e first week of may...will call to bug u then k!!
Jes » wah seh the poem very sweet! i.. dun believe u WROTE IT! nonononono
vina » sharon!!! let me know which are the days you're free ya...
mcafar » dan - yeaup, yeap. ahha. see u soon ya.
mcafar » selva - ah...true true
Box » Take care of yourself wee. Dinner sometime soon aight.
MystiKaL » cos u see... i live OUTSIDE the yellow submarine..
mcafar » do they?! i didn't even realise. ahaha
MystiKaL » i personally prefer that bak kwa they make out from bacon... heavenlyyyy..
mcafar » more like the BAK of the bak kwa. u take care too k. sorry but i'll tok to u soon!!
Jes » in fact i NEVER see u online anymore.. u become bak kwa ah? that means you're thin.. that's not very possible issit? haaaaaaa. if i can recognise u, i'll treat u to chocolate fondue aight? take care
mcafar » ya...i've pretty much become THE bak kwa myself man. still wanna treat ahahaha. come msg me online laaaa. act cool. ahaha
Jes » eh how u? send me the song on the blog ley, i'll treat u to bak kwa
mcafar » ahaha. look at it this way...u're not the only one. ha.
Kenny » Its been 1 yr, but I still cannot gasp what u are writing most of the time...haha... Literature is so not my cup of tea...
mcafar » oh ya! ahahahaha. that was fun. i should re-adopt that as my nick again.
SeL » fatgopal!!!
mcafar » oookay...everyone could tell. heh.
Kenny » haha, i did my best, and i was this close to getting unconscious....
mcafar » and u're supposed to be e man to do all tt interception okkkkkkk. i wasn't supposed to be in e picture in e first place
Kenny » Haha...last night was fun! lucky u were there to shelter some blows from e rest...!
mcafar » ee..then i dunno..
Kenny » i got this prob too, but u just got to click on the "Check this out" thingy beside the day right at the top of the post. Think its hiding the post partially....
mcafar » eh? er...even after u try reloading?? blogdrive sucks la. ahha.
bellee » babe, i have some prblms viewing ur posts. they seem to b cut away at e ends!
mcafar » errr....juanes - mala gente
noname » hey can u tell me the title of the latin tune tts playing thank you so much.
mcafar » ahhhahahahhah mr B SIAL!!!!
mr. b » peek-a-boo!!! guess what i found!!!? hahaha.. why your blog so chim.. can it be any less chim? thanks.. i and engrish not very friends. =)
mr. b » peek-a-boo!!! guess what i found!!!? hahaha.. why your blog so chim.. can it be any less chim? thanks.. i and engrish not very friends. =)
joyce » forgot... PAAAaaAAARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
joyce » HAhaHha... i don't believe I'm reading this off CHARON'S blog.. dman bimbo la your latest entry.. but yeah.. exams zapped your brains.
van » woohoo!!!! EXAMS ARE OVER~~~~~ YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! LOVBIE LOVBIE HOLIDAYS...
mcafar » no have laaaaa!!!! i'll show u my belly tmr. ha!
van » wat?!! lose weight!! wat the heck!!! idoit sharon!!!!! how can that be possible.. hate u
joyce » did you bloody lose weight!??!. . I need to be doing tt TOOO!!
mcafar » heh yeaup. and meanwhile, keep piling on the juices for me too. ahaha
joyce » AHhAha.. i will will!! when I find the time.. I'll CALL to GRILL you.. prob when I get bored studying or something..
mcafar » u u u. i needta hear from u too. ahahahha
joyce » oie oie oie!! update!!
mcafar » yeah thanks. damn, i miss u! i promise we'll meet up. promise promise!
Box » Just dropped by to say hi. Drink more water yo. Peace.
mcafar » ya. ahaha.
sandimas » x is on the diagonal line. there... found.
mcafar » ah..ok.
Jumpy » Just a blog hopper. Dun mind me. heh
mcafar » yeah? oh. thanks. ahaha. so who are u btw.
Jumpy » LMAO stands for " Laughing My Ass Off" .That's what i believe.
mcafar » trademark
Kenny » Yeah, then u can finally point at him and laugh...
mcafar » HA. that'll be the day.
Kenny » Maybe that guy saw u in school, stalking u somewhere...
mcafar » yar. thunder and rain.
vanessa » interesting interesting... weather report seems interesting.. haha
mcafar » the veteran of dreamers speaking from experience har. ahahaha. eh!! but i eat alot drink alot and breathe alotta johnny depp! omg! and i always end up getting weird celebs i dun give a hoot of. HAHA!
Cyn » Heyo, if u eat johnny depp, drink johnny depp, breathe johnny depp, he'll come lolz
mcafar » heh.
SeL » hey ho the wind and the rain..
mcafar » i don't care lurp! ahahah
sasa » eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! i am a straight girl!!! straight! i only like straight guys!! =p
van » whose ray ? wat ray?? the sun ray?!!
Box » live off men, i mean. On, off. Same idea.
Box » I can understand why you want it deleted sharon. No lady likes to be told they live on men. Haha.
mcafar » and that was to yeap, btw.
mcafar » eh shit, i accidentally deleted the tag again. anyway, it's only yours lor. ahhha. ok la next time my turn kkkkkk.
mcafar » Soft and strong. Scott Facial Tissue.
van » bee boo, bee boo, bee boo, bee boo, bee boo, bee boo, bee boo, bee boo!! wat the heck?! hahhaa.. craazy fellow on the run..
mcafar » oo. cos "give me the love i wanted."
Ars-e. » Love isn's a profanity to me anymore. So..yea.
mcafar » yar. ahaha
van » man!! u are that boreD??!!! hahaha
mcafar » i agree, yeap. @^%*#*$^%#@
Box » Blogdrive sucks, sharon s.
mcafar » PUIIII. ahaha
sandimas » i think becos it's u... fwahahahhhaha
mcafar » yar surprise surprise ahaha. but it's not working again. i think it's the bandwidth. or is it. hmm.
sandimas » so i see it does works...
mcafar » yeaup yeaup.
van » okokokokokkokk!!for u sharshar~~ i shall leave my day free..e xcept thurs..
mcafar » leong: issit??? but i tot they hv e same terms, like i can't use e site alone for hosting music...but i'll try again. thanks!