the sunlight is momentary,
but the shadow is eternal.
i am a grain lost in the desert,
a speck lost in the conflagration.
the world,
to which i don't call a home,
is however mine in the utmost insignificance.
time hastens,
and i wonder where i belong.
blood gushed,
and i wonder how i belong.
life's my devil
with its impetuous twists.
and death's my enchantress
with promising bliss.
unseen voices guileful,
yet i am thoroughly convinced.
what are you,
i know not of.
a muck,
a kick,
or a supreme being of my hell?
mine shall follow
when the journey ends
at my pretty, pretty rainbow.
but when,
pray tell,
when will the colours not stop at 7,
when will the bow turn
the other way round?

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Friends of the world unite.
We are not foreign to using a dictionary.

So I was looking up some words and realized,
i could actually choose the meaning, to my word,
as best as I deem fit LIKE.


Look at the word Chevy.

4. a hunting cry.
5. a hunt, chase, or pursuit.
6. the game of prisoner's base.

A hunting cry, a pursuit AND the game
of a prisoner's base is a far cry from each
other that's what that is.

I'm saying, what's the point of assigning
so many definitions to a word when
we can invent more! If a BOOTYLICIOUS
can make it to the mystifying list in the dicitionary,
so can many others.

Hey, the 26 alphabets are not too exclusive
a social circle if bootylicious can gain affirmations.

So if i'm called a DORK,
I'm either a
1. a stupid or ridiculous person; jerk; nerd.
2. Vulgar. penis.

or some might say, the dick of a whale.

I'd rather be....hmmm....let's see..~
a nerd!~


I have a say in insults hurled at me!

That's a tremendous start for
free rights in a free world and democracy.

With FREE being,
1. enjoying personal rights or liberty,
as a person who is not in slavery
2. pertaining to or reserved
 for those who enjoy personal liberty: 
3. existing under, characterized by,
or possessing civil and political
liberties that are, as a rule, constitutionally
guaranteed by representative government: 
4. enjoying political autonomy, as a people
or country not under foreign rule;
5. exempt from external authority,
interference, restriction, etc.,
as a person or one's will, thought, choice,
action, etc.; independent; unrestricted.
6. able to do something at will; at liberty:
free to choose.
7. clear of obstructions or obstacles,
as a road or corridor: The highway
is now free of fallen rock.
8. not occupied or in use.
9. exempt or released from something
specified that controls, restrains,
burdens, etc. (usually fol. by from or of):
free from worry; free of taxes.
10. having immunity or being safe
(usually fol. by from): free from danger.
11. provided without, or not subject to,
a charge or payment: free parking;
a free sample.
12. given without consideration of a
return or reward: a free offer of
legal advice.
13. unimpeded, as motion or movement;
easy, firm, or swift.
14. not held fast; loose; unattached:
to get one's arm free.
15. not joined to or in contact with
something else: The free end of
the cantilever sagged.
16. acting without self-restraint or reserve:
to be too free with one's tongue.
17. ready or generous in giving; liberal;
lavish: to be free with one's advice.
18. given readily or in profusion; unstinted.
19. frank and open; unconstrained,
unceremonious, or familiar.
20. unrestrained by decency; loose or
licentious: free behavior.
21. not subject to special regulations,
restrictions, duties, etc.: 
22. of, pertaining to, or characterized
by free enterprise: a free economy.
23. that may be used by or is open to
all: a free market.
24. engaged in by all present; general:
a free fight.
25. not literal, as a translation, adaptation,
or the like; loose.
26. uncombined chemically: free oxygen.
27. traveling without power; under no force
except that of gravity or inertia: free flight.
28. Phonetics. (of a vowel) situated in an
 open syllable (opposed to checked ).
29. at liberty to enter and enjoy at will
(usually fol. by of): to be free of a friend's house.
30. not subject to rules, set forms, etc.:
The young students had an hour of free
play between classes.
31. easily worked, as stone, land, etc.
32. Mathematics. (of a vector) having specified
magnitude and direction but no specified
initial point.
33. Also, large. Nautical. (of a wind) nearly on
the quarter, so that a sailing vessel may sail free.
34. not containing a specified substance
(often used in combination): a sugar-free soft drink.
35. (of a linguistic form) occurring as an
independent construction, without necessary
combination with other forms, as
most words.
36. without cost, payment, or charge.

Take your pick.

Posted at 11:41 am by mcafar
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Thursday, October 09, 2008
Formal Loser

the weather being snide with me.

tweed cala lillies and checkered leaves.

high-waisted notebooks and suede boxes.

cardboard shoes and acrylic socks.


walmart of insanities.



Posted at 03:48 pm by mcafar
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
we are talking verbs.
new dimensions.

new footing in the state of mind.

new bouncing in and out of.....undefined realm.


there's nothing much left to explore.


what do we do now.

Posted at 01:38 am by mcafar
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