the sunlight is momentary,
but the shadow is eternal.
i am a grain lost in the desert,
a speck lost in the conflagration.
the world,
to which i don't call a home,
is however mine in the utmost insignificance.
time hastens,
and i wonder where i belong.
blood gushed,
and i wonder how i belong.
life's my devil
with its impetuous twists.
and death's my enchantress
with promising bliss.
unseen voices guileful,
yet i am thoroughly convinced.
what are you,
i know not of.
a muck,
a kick,
or a supreme being of my hell?
mine shall follow
when the journey ends
at my pretty, pretty rainbow.
but when,
pray tell,
when will the colours not stop at 7,
when will the bow turn
the other way round?

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Saturday, September 14, 2013
All's far, the length
The mind, a perilous tool Trust not, in the hands of a fool Rendering neither the sick nor the tyrant, Away from my heart, you with that trident. When strength is in its vulnerability, When fear is in its victory When try can a man no more, Do we dare still, in goodness of daylight we soar? The souls, the unchartered waters they trudged. Thrills of the foreign encharged. Live, Free. Dream, and Seethe. Fools prevail in their company of misery. Servant to none, and master of mind you shall be.

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